22 Inch Military Battleship Aircraft Carrier Spy Drone Large Jet Lights and Sound

Toy Essentials


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Battleship Dimensions: 22" x 6" x 11" (LxWxH)

Playset includes: 
1x 22 inch military battleship cruiser with light and sounds 
1x 6 inch Spy Drone with 1 trigger missile to fire 
4x Onboard sound effect buttons (batteries included) 
1x 4 inch boat 
2x 3.5 inch tall military soldiers 
6x assorted weapons for military soldiers
1x 6 inch large jet
2x Onboard artillery guns (can rotate) 
1x battleship cannon with toggle trigger for trigger missiles 
1x anchor (up to 6 inches long) 

Toy battleship will not float on water
Do not submerge in water

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